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Kräusened craft beer brewed at the old livery on the edge of the Exchange District.

Little Brown Jug can be purchased and exchanged at the brewery.

Drink it. Drop it off.  You don’t need to clean it. Swap it out for a new one.

$2.00 refundable deposit


Watch it being made from grain to glass.

Watch it being made and sample it from the tasting room.

Find us on tap at local bars and restaurants, wherever good beer is poured.

Featuring 1919 in:

Glass (500ml): $5.00
Little Brown Jug (750ml): $7.00
Howler (946ml): $7.92
Growler (1.89l): $12.94

Single Can (473ml): $3.25
8 Pack: $24.79
24 Pack: $74.38

Keg (19L): $111.15 + deposit
Keg (50L): $246.87 + deposit


We’ll gladly refill your growlers.

Growler Bottles: $4.00