Eccentric Beats returns on Saturday, October 3rd. It will be a night of electronic music DJ’d by members of the local music scene. This edition will focus heavily on pop music – Think Heartthrob era Tegan and Sara. Come tap your toes at your table to some feel good tunes! Please read below for the event info and our current “COVID Directives”.

event info:

  • Saturday, October 3, 2020 from 8-11pm

  • TAPROOM: DJs Viva Non (@vivanonmusic)

COVID directives:

  • Each guest must wear a mask when not seated at their table. This includes entering and exiting, going to the washroom and ordering your beer.

  • Guests must be seated at a table to enjoy their beer and food.

  • Please do not enter if you or anyone in your household is ill.

  • One group per table, no joining another party at their table.

Welcome! Before you begin, we need to verify your age. The legal drinking age in Manitoba is 18 or older. Please verify your age to continue, or click "Exit" to leave.